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A story of true and pure love, specially for Valentine’s day

No love is greater than Mom's love

No care is greater than Dad's care.

My parents are most precious to me, they are my greatest treasure. Despite everything they’ve been through, they are still capable of going through life full of love and positivity.

The things that make them unique in many respects are their love, their thoughtfulness, and the sacrifices they’ve made to offer help to not just their own children, but also to other family members and acquaintances whenever they could.

Unfortunately, this was not always appreciated. They had to suffer a lot. This was especially caused by the ones closest to them, and the older I become, the more I stress about this, even though I know that I should let go of it. Praying and talking somewhat help me to give this a place in my life, how hard it may be at times and how angry it sometimes makes me. It’s not helpful, the damage has been done and time can’t be reversed. It’s just so disrespectful and so unfair to them. I will definitely write about this once in one of my blogs, perhaps this will offer me some relief.

The most beautiful thing that my parents have ever done for me in connection with Lupus was a pilgrimage to the Hindu Goddes Vaishno Devi Temple in India.

Who is Vaishno Devi?

Vaishno Devi, also known as Mata Rani, Trikuta and Vaishnavi, is a manifestation of the Hindu Mother Goddess of MahaKali, MahaSaraswati and MahaLakshmi. The words ""maa" and "mata" are commonly used in India for "mother", and thus are often used in connection with Vaishno Devi. Vaishno Devi Mandir is a Hindu temple dedicated to the Hindu Goddess, located in Katra at the Trikuta Mountains within the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. The Temple or Bhawan is 13.5 km from Katra and various modes of transportation are available from katra to Bhawan, including Ponies, Electric vehicles and paalkhis operated by 4 persons. Helicopter services are also available up to Sanjichhat, which is 9.5 km from Katra.

Vaishno Devi Mandir is a popular Hindu temple dedicated to the Hindu Goddess, located in the Trikuta Mountains in Jammu & Kashmir, India. ( bron; Wikipedia)

The tour also made my father very ill. My parents had taken some kind of carriage for going up the mountain. As the carriage was bumping up and down for hours, his stomach and his back began to hurt. This made him so sick that he couldn’t even go outside for a couple of days because of a fever. Luckily, all went well eventually!

They took an oath in the temple at Vaishno Devi, which said that they would definitely return there together with me. An entire tour specially for me, because I got to hear at 24 that I would be considered lucky if I would make it to 30. Luckily, I’ve recently celebrated my 35th birthday on December 26, 2017 and I hope to be around for many more years….

Thank you, mom and dad, I thank you from the bottom of my heart and I hope you won’t just be my parents in this life, but in all other lives as well…………

Love youuu always...xx

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