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Canada has certainly stolen my heart

I think they are some of the friendliest people on earth. You can ask them anything. For instance, when you don’t know how to get somewhere, they will sometimes come with you just to make sure you won’t get lost. Very helpful and social, that’s how I would describe the citizens of Calgary in Canada.

I was there for about 2 weeks in February 2016, visiting one of my best friends who had emigrated there several years ago and now lives there together with her husband (and their little daughter now). She lives in the heart of Calgary, in the centre.

Being a multicultural city, Calgary has a nicely varied offer of different kitchens, arts, and citizens. This is something that highly stimulates the city’s atmosphere.

You can do great shopping in Calgary. At least, I did! There are lots of antique stores and ethnic restaurants. The Eau Claire Market has many stores, restaurants, and a fresh vegetable and fruit market.

Popular attractions:

- Calgary Tower: A tower of about 191 meters high that forms a characteristic part of Calgary’s skyline. At the top, you will have a superb view over the city and the mountains, and you will be able to look down through the floor.

- Calgary Zoo: A real recommendation for animal lovers. The Calgary Zoo has a historic park with dinosaurs and a South Pole experience with playful penguins and botanic gardens. More animals are present, of course, such as reptiles, bears, wolves, giraffes, and tigers.

- Banff National Park: The park is located at about a 130-kilometre-drive from Calgary. Because the province Alberta and its park Banff are part of the Rocky Mountains, you can enjoy fantastic views from different locations there. Banff is also world-famous thanks to Lake Louise. This enormous lake is filled with bright blue water, which comes from the Victoria Glacier on top of Mount Victoria, which is famous as well. Other special places in ‘National Park Banff’ are the village Banff, the waterfalls at Johnston Canyon, the route over Icefield Parkway, Columbia Icefield and Banff Park Museum National Historic Site. We resided here for several days and it really was overwhelmingly beautiful, all the snow that was laying there. There is a chance, however, that you will suddenly have to face a moose, a bear, or a wolf (watch out for this!).

- Fort Calgary: the former headquarters of the police around 1875. The doors of Fort Calgary have been the entrance to a museum since 1978. You can look at more than 100 years of history there with your own eyes.

Shopping centers:

· Chinook Centre - Mall offerings including hundreds of brand name stores, restaurants, and entertainment.

· CrossIron Mills - Featuring over 200 stores, premium designer outlets and unique services, CrossIron Mills is a must-see shopping destination unlike any other.

Canada has certainly stolen my heart, I will definitely go back for a camper tour and I will take my parents with me. The country has so many nice things to offer, you can eat

delicious foods, the people are nice, and there are lots of things to do there. For me, it also has a personal touch because my best friend lives there with her family and I want to go see her again.

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