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Merhaba Alanya!

You probably recognize it. The sun is shining and you want to discover a beautiful city. I decide to book a city trip with a good friend. But where are we going? Do we go for something exotic with sun, sea and beach or rather shop till we drop? We have found the perfect combination.

On June 16, 2015 we left for a week to… Alanya, the tourist attraction of Turkey.

It was a short, but very relaxed journey from Amsterdam. Because of this we arrived rested at Antalya airport. From the airport it is a tiring drive to Alanya. We spent two hours in the car to our apartment. Finally we arrive at Ark Suite in the heart of Alanya at 2 pm. We have chosen an apartment with a central location in Alanya. So both the city and the beach are a short distance away.

Rested from our journey, we start a new adventure. I immediately notice the hustle and bustle of the markets and the city. It is pleasant and busy. Numerous eateries, a great diversity of shops and different cultures. The nightlife continues until the early hours. I fully understand why Alanya is perceived as a tourist spot.

The first days we decided to shop. We visit the big city and various markets. In the markets, I become fascinated by Turkish spices, fresh fish and counterfeit products from major fashion brands. In the big city we come across the better known brands. Like H&M, but we did not come to Alanya to shop for the brands we know.

In any case, our stomachs start to growl from all the shopping. There are many restaurants in Alanya, so we decided not to eat the same thing every day. One day we ate Indian, the next day Chinese, the day after Greek and so on. Of course we had to try out Turkish cuisine. As you know I like to eat vegetarian and in Turkey I chose nothing more than… the fainted imam (Imam Baildi). A delicious filled eggplant dish from the oven with various vegetables. Yes, I also wondered where the name of the dish came from. The waiter told me that the dish is named after an Imam who continued to eat the eggplant dish too much, causing him to pass out. Now that I have tasted the same dish, I can also very well imagine the feeling of the Imam.

After shopping it is time to further explore Alanya. What else does Alanya have to offer us besides shopping? We book various excursions to see more of Alanya. For example, we enjoyed a safari in a Jeep. This is highly recommended! We laughed continuously and made it an unforgettable time. In addition, we have booked a boat trip. During our boat trip it is time to recharge. The sea breeze blows through my hair, the clear blue sea and nature calm me down. I realize it is almost time to go home. Back to my beloved parents and my own "world", but for now I enjoy this peace for a while.

Alanya, bir sonrakine kadar!

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