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How my life turned upside down…

Many of you don’t know anything about the battle I fight every day and night over the past 17 years, and even if you do….it’s hard to understand because it’s invisible in my case. I have decided to blog, living with Lupus and how it is affecting my life.

You see, I suffer from Systemic Lupus Erythemathodus, a rare chronic disease that comes in different forms and ways. It’s an auto immune disease related to Rheumatism. There is no cure for it and it’s very unknown (especially around my own people).

For that reason I started Research Foundation Lupus International, to create Lupus Awareness. For a very long time I just couldn’t accept the fact that I was unable to do the things I did before I got sick. For example, dancing, sports, studying or even walking on high heels!. Now I realize I don’t have another choice than to accept it, try to live and thinking about the things I CAN do.

Even though I’m often sick as hell, extremely tired and in a lot of pain, I still manage to have a full time job, picked up my study again, being a chairman of a Foundation and smile every single day. I go out once a month ( if my energy level let’s me go), travel a lot and try to make my life so positive, creative and happy as possible. Counting my blessings everyday!!

I want to tell the World that strength comes from inside. Being a Lupus Warrior and still be able to do things I do is rare. I believe in the power that every one of us has inside them and also in the power of praying in combination with healthy food and herbs.

How it all started, I’ll tell you in my next blog…..

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